Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your site helplessly lost in the search results maze? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is considered one the of most cost effective ways for a business to generate a higher volume of traffic and in turn sales.

Mammothmedia specializes in organic Website Optimization offering over 10 years of combined experience using the latest techniques to drive valuable targeted traffic via natural (organic) search results to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live. Organic or natural Search Engine Marketing campaigns like this increase your brand awareness 24 hours a day maximizing the relevant traffic to your website.

Website Factors to consider

There is a range of factors and issues to consider when optimizing a website for increased quantity and quality of traffic. These range from Site Analysis, Search Engine Rankings, Web Optimsation, Search Engine Submissions, to the Best Partners or Consultancies to work with and the services they offer.

Site Analysis

There is no magic formula or silver bullet for Search Engine Optimisation. It is best to take a holistic approach to Professional SEO. One good core basic which is fundamental to SEO is to perform a top to bottom site analysis using a range of tools and techniques to carefully assess a site. This is essential to any professional and successful SEO Project.

Examples of statistical analyses items

  • Titles meta
  • Descriptions meta
  • Most common meta tags
  • Keyword density
  • Page load times
  • Tag relevance

It's at the site analysis stage that the consultancy (mammothmedia) will work with you to establish objectives, create goals and define the business context of the project.

Search Engine Rankings

The higher your search engine ranking, the more likelyness people will click on the result and be exposed to your message by visiting your site. Simple, not really. Placing in the top Search Engine results is critical.

There are an estimated 200 + factors used by the major search engines to determine a websites ranking. Fortunately we know how to help you wade through the maze to get results.

The search engines have created a dynamic and fast paced SEO business that one must work hard to keep ahead of those trying to manipulate genuine resluts for monetary gain. Mammothmedia focuses on using White Hat techniques along with our knowledge and ability to accomplish long-term objectives whithin the defined parameters set by the major search engines to avoid the pitfalls and risks associated with Black Hat tactics.

Search Engine Submissions

There are no guarantees! Your web site and subsequent pages will be found eventually. Some within days, and others in months. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live all use crawlers to find page to include in their algorithmic search results. The most reliable and thorough method is manual submissions. By identifying specific engines and categories you can carefully hone and represent specific information. The most cost effective and powerful components of search engine optimisation (optimization) submissions are manual directory submissions and manual article submissions. These help increase free targeted traffic as well as adding value by adding back links to websites or high rankings in major search engines.

Website Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) is the process of being found, read, and indexed by search engines by structuring a web site in the most effective way possible. Optimizing websites is an effective means for businesses and organizations to rise above the minutia and be found in the top search results.

Ignoring SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the process of creating a well balanced organic framework is in effect ignoring your customers. Organic or natural listings can account for up to 90% of a websites traffic click throughs coming from search engines.

Essential steps to effective search engine optimization (SEO) should include but not limited to, are the following. Search engine preparation, key word and phrase definition, content structure among others.

Choosing an SEO service

Choosing one component or multiple components of Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) to create a campaign will result in different success rates and have some limited effect over the long haul. But a little is better than nothing when it comes to SEO integration.

Choosing an SEO consultancy

Successful Website Optimization takes time and a high degree of specialized knowledge which business owners rarely have. It is usually wise to work with a professional Search Engine Optimisation company which has the time to correctly implement Search Engine Optimization and optimize your sites maximum potential and visibility. Below are a number of methods one may use to assess a prospective SEO consultancies abilities.

  • A proven track record
  • Strong references
  • A reputation in the industry and amongst clients and affiliates
  • Effective self-promotion
  • Quality partnerships and affiliations

Mammothmedia is pleased to provide any of the above at your request and convenience. For a website SEO Analysis, Contact Us now.